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What is sticker printing?

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Sticker printing

Printing stickers yourself with the help of a printer is called sticker printing. You could also do this with a label printer. You can find many templates on the internet that will give you a starting size. It is important that you also take into account the sizes of your labels or stickers. If you create a design outside of these dimensions, it is possible that the sticker will not look nice. You also need to make sure your printer or label printer is set up correctly. It is mostly used for letter stickers. But you can also use it as a company to put a barcode on your products. This is often done by a thrift store and pawn shop.

The step-by-step plan

Check with the manufacturer for software or templates to print your stickers. Once you have these installed you can start sticker printing. For example, you could make letter stickers to design your own card. But you could also use it to organize your administration. You stick the printed stickers on the folder and they stay put. There are many types and sizes of sticker sheets available on the market. So also for large projects such as A3 size. Ideal if you want to design your own window sticker.

Sticker printing software

Most suppliers of label printers also provide a software package for sticker printing. This includes, for example, the most common sizes. There are also handy tools for creating barcodes, for example. There are also label printers with a scan function. This is especially handy when you want to laminate a sticker, for example. The first thing you do is put a sticker sheet in the printer or label printer. Then you just peel off the top and stick it on a laminating sheet. Cut it into the right shape with a scraper for example. Then you laminate it and you have a plasticized sticker. This works dirt repellent and the sticker will last longer. It is also often possible with an ordinary inkjet or laser printer.

Getting started with sticker printing?

When you want to start sticker printing, it is important that you have sticker sheets. You can buy these at most office supply stores or on the internet. Then search using the software of your printer or on the Internet for the sticker format. Download if necessary a template that is made for the formats of your sticker sheet. Sticker printing can mean a lot to both private and professional companies. For example, you can provide your folders with a sticker that stays in place. Many companies use this to provide their products with a barcode. But you can also choose to stick it directly on a product. This way the price is immediately visible to the customer. If your handwriting is not that good, you can also design letter stickers. This way you make sure your message gets across.


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