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What is an online word counter?

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Word counter

An online word counter is a tool you can use to count the number of words in a text. With this online word counter you often also have the possibility to count the number of characters, paragraphs or sentences. But sometimes there is also a function that allows you to see the average of these values. Everyone can use this tool, whether you're writing a private blog or using it for business texts. Within a few seconds you will have the result of these values. However, you can also just type your entire text into this word counter. It is also widely used by students for theses and reports. This is because there are often certain conditions set by schools.

What can you do with a word counter?

With this online counter you can count sentences, words, characters and paragraphs. You can also see the number of character sin spaces. But sometimes there are requirements for a text and the number of words per paragraph. That's no problem you simply copy and paste it into the word counter. But also if you are curious about the average of the number of words or sentences you can calculate this. Are you only allowed to use a certain number of sentences per paragraph or do you want to know how many paragraphs you have? If you're writing sales copy or blogging this information is crucial. It can either attract or repel readers. In short, you can calculate it all!


Bloggers want the reader's attention but don't want to write long stories. They also work a lot with a word counter. This way they can write the clearest and most touching texts. Often they use a paragraph division with x number of words or sentences. But they also often want to know the total number of words. There are very few people who read a text of 2000 words or more. And what about the number of characters you use? This in turn affects SEO settings such as a page title and meta description. In short, there are many ways to optimise your text so that it scores with the reader. There are also online word counters that give a readability score. So you know immediately if you are using too difficult sentences or words.

Write a book

You often hear that people who write a book are compulsively counting sentences and paragraphs. However, that prejudice is completely unjustified. If they didn't use a word count, we would complain about the length of the chapters. It is a matter of weighing up what to add and what to take out. But by using a word count you can either captivate the reader or not. When you want to create tension in the reader, you don't want to fill an A4 with words. You run the risk of losing the reader's attention. But you also want everything to be as clear as possible. For this you use as many words as possible.

Marketers couldn't do without a word counter

Many (online) marketers use a word counter on a daily basis. This is because the number of words in a text must be 300 or 600, for example. Then you also have requirements for a page title or meta description. Then you let the word counter count the number of characters again. There are also programs and online counters that have a reader score. So you can immediately see whether you've written the text in the right forms. Or whether you are using texts that are too difficult. Start counting today!


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