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Old iron prices

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Old iron prices

The scrap metal prices change just like gold and silver prices every day and sometimes even several times a day. What you can get for it also varies a lot. It is important to check it out on the internet beforehand. But you also have to realize that not everything is 100% iron. You will therefore get a different price for it. A company that can dispose of its iron directly will pay more for it than a company that has to store it. By leaving the iron temporarily in storage, the value can go up or down and this is a risk they take into account. That is also the main reason that there are big differences between the prices of scrap iron.

What do you look for in old iron prices?

For people who want to dispose of old iron regularly, not only the price is important. A reliable partner is more important than high old iron prices. Of course, you do not want to drive too far to transport your old iron. This is also a consideration that is made because with a minimum number of kilos you are not going to drive 100 km out of your way. It is also important that you know whether the old iron is weighed properly. Because all companies have different equipment it is not easy to say that it is weighed properly. Often you can stand on a weighbridge when you are full. Then, after handing in the iron, you go on the weighbridge again and that's how they know the number of kilos that have been handed in. In addition, some companies pick it up at home so you save a lot of petrol.

Where to hand in your old iron?

In most cities and villages you will find 1 or more collection points for old iron. You do not only pay attention to the prices of the old iron, but also to the total concept. It may be that when you have regular old iron they come to collect it at home. Often a slightly lower price is offered, but you save again on fuel. This ensures that at the end of the line you have more. 

Points of attention

There are also many signs of unreliable weighing which makes people not just go to any company. Often this is blamed on not meeting the requirements. But this is just a tactic of companies to pay less for it. Sometimes you also choose a handing-in point with a total service where you can immediately dispose of the materials that do not consist of iron. This saves another trip to the environmental street.

The payment

A fast payment is often decisive in the choice for a handing in point. You will then also get the real old iron prices that are valid at that moment. Many companies try to stretch this to get a lower price. Many customers do not realize this. So always choose a point where you get it directly on your account or in cash. This way you avoid misunderstandings and scams. Many traders make a weekly or monthly route. This enables them to come and collect it from your home if you have large volumes. This saves you fuel and also a lot of time.


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