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Karlsson clock

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Karlsson clock

Karlsson is a brand of clocks which originates from the Netherlands. It is a brand that is sold worldwide. Many people write positive reviews about these unique Dutch clocks. For the brand, quality is of the utmost importance and that against an affordable price. They can do this because of the good global trade position they have. Basically, this brand sells clocks in all shapes and sizes. The most popular clock worldwide is the classic station clock. This is an object on which there is relatively little competition from good brands. In addition, they want to serve all customers so they have also chosen to make digital clocks.

They also develop unique alarm clocks that are beautiful in a modern interior. The distinctive character is the diverse taste of designs that you can obtain from this brand. There is actually a clock for everyone from modern to classic and from analogue to digital.

What is a Karlsson clock?

Karlsson is rightfully the best known clock brand in the Netherlands. The extensive collection and diversity of clocks ensures that they can give themselves a pat on the back. For young and old and every interior style, there is a clock available. In addition, they are internationally active which ensures that they can offer an extensive collection. For example, you can still buy the classic cuckoo clock that you used to always look at at your grandparents' house. They also have modern clocks that only have hands and no numbers, for example. Many people find that this gives a calmer effect to the room and still keeps them informed of the time. They also have an extensive collection of funny clocks that are often bought by people who want to be crazy or who are looking for a unique gift with a wink.

Where can you buy these?

Most online shops and stores that sell clocks also offer Karlsson clock in their range. This is because of the diverse models that they have. They can provide both the older people and the young people with a beautiful clock. For a unique table clock, you have come to the right place. They have them in the classic variant but also in the flip variant. It looks like the old scoreboard was flipped over which you don't see much anymore. It's also one of the few companies that offers clocks with only hands. They also sell clocks with unique shapes that are ideal to use as an eye catcher in a room. Of course, they also have subtle clocks for the wall. These are a bit smaller in size, but in the end it's all about the functionality of a clock.

What makes the Karlsson clock unique?

The Karlsson clock is one of the few clocks that still originate from the Netherlands. The unique design of most clocks is really something in the Dutch fingers. This way, they can also speak of a great success internationally. Worldwide there are many people who buy these unique clocks. The best thing of all is that the clocks are also affordable. Often the bigger brands ask high prices, but Karlsson thinks it should be accessible for everyone to have a unique clock on the wall or on the table. They also design the classic clocks like a station clock or a cuckoo clock. You can also order a clock from almost any kind of material. Many people choose wood if they want to create a characteristic and warm space. However, if you want peace and quiet, a metal clock is often the most peaceful because it does not distract attention from the space as a whole.

The story behind the Karlsson clock

The Karlsson clock is a unique Dutch product. A large range of new clocks is added twice a year. This brand is so famous because of the iconic designs and the humor that is incorporated into some of the clocks. Often a clock and especially a wall clock looks so normal and boring. Karlsson has chosen to make them unique in different shapes and even variants without numbers, but only hands. They are also busy expanding their collection with 3D clocks and clocks where light plays a big role. It is a brand that goes with the times, but also continues to sell the classic models. This has helped them achieve worldwide success in a short period of time. As one of the few brands they also design clocks using real crystal.

Buy a durable Karlsson clock

The Karlsson clock is not only a beautiful and affordable choice, but also a sustainable one. They have chosen to give a warranty of 24 months on their clocks. You don't see this with many brands and especially not in the places where you normally go to buy a clock. It is a brand that has quality at the top of its priorities and this is what they want to convey to their customers. That is why they have chosen this unique guarantee. When it comes to colors, you can expect a lot from Karlsson. What is not yet made can still come because they regularly add new clocks to the range.


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