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What is a wooden watch?

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Wooden watch

A wooden watch can by both men and women for a tough look. Of the most watches are few made so you have a unique design in your hands. The naturally produced product also has a charm that makes you immediately fall in love. By comparing the structure between two watches you can see immediately that they are not the same species. You have to do with grains and vervagingen so there is actually only one identical type of each model. But the biggest advantage is that wood matches any clothing.

Wooden watch history

If we look back in history, a wooden watch was only for rich people or people of nobility. Later this changed and there was mass production of more affordable watches. Wood is cheaper to work with than iron and also easier to shape. The wooden watch they produce mostly in Switzerland and the black forest. Especially during the winter the production is high here. Now they make them day and night but in the past farmers could only help in the winter with the production.

Sell a wooden watch

Selling a wooden watch is not something you do lightly. You probably do this because you do not wear it anymore. Think well about the price when selling your watch. You are usually dealing with a unique design which is not made much. Wood is also a durable material which makes it a durable choice. You may also take this into account in the price. The choice of material is also important because there are many types of wood. Don't just get rid of the piece of craftsmanship because you might regret it. So it would be better that you give it away to a good friend or someone in the family. Regret comes late and this way you can still enjoy it regularly.

Why people choose a wooden watch

Especially gentlemen choose a wooden watch men. This is because they like a tough look. But also ladies are more and more interested in this popular type of watch. It is also a product which is not always the same in each model you can see differences in the structure. So you know that you have a unique watch that suits your personality or clothing style. There are also people who are allergic to metals. Then a wooden watch is the solution to stay up to date. The weight of wood is also much lighter so you hardly feel that you are wearing a watch.

What is it made of and why is it so popular?

A wooden watch can be produced from ebony, maple or oak.
These wooden species have a unique structure which makes each watch different. Except for the dial, a wooden watch is entirely made of sustainable wood. It gives a special, tough and natural look. A new type of wood that is on the rise nowadays is called bamboo. You have to love this but it is also a unique sustainable product. And finally the weight is much lighter than a steel or metal watch. So you practically do not feel that you are wearing a watch.

Durability wooden watch

Unlike other products, they only make wooden watches from sustainably harvested wood. This means that the wood is cut from a tree that is sick or that a tree is replanted. It varies by provider whether they produce sustainably but often they do a quid pro quo. Think of a donation or a percentage of the purchase price is used for planting new trees. The processing of wood in products is not only cheaper but also provides a large co2 reduction. And of course you have a unique product because of the different structures that are processed in wood. No watch looks alike!


One of the advantages of a wooden watch is that it fits with every clothing style. Whether you wear a tight suit or a tough tank top it matches almost every color. It is produced with the most durable wood so each watch has a different structure. If another buys the same watch you can still see the differences. The weight of the watch is very minimal so you hardly feel that you have him to wear. Often it feels 2 to 5 times as light as a steel watch. A wooden watch is a product that was previously only worn by nobility. However, times have changed and everyone can now afford it. This is because there is more mass and demand and therefore more production can take place.


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