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Refuelling at your favourite petrol station

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Petrol station

A gas station in the neighborhood has many functions. You don't always go there just for filling up. Many people also do their laundry at a gas station. Or what about the last message when the shops are already closed. But even truck drivers and emergency workers would not be able to do without a petrol station. Because they have irregular working hours it is nice that there is a petrol station nearby. Here they can eat and drink but also do their needs on the toilet. And how about washing the car? This is also done there. It is also a place to get together with colleagues or friends.

Fuel stations manned

The biggest advantage of having a staffed gas station nearby is that you can drink a cup of coffee or eat something there at any time of the day. You can also find oil or an ice scraper there. Also you can go to the toilet which people often need when they are on the road for a long time. A gas station in the neighborhood often has regular customers. This ensures that emergency services and drivers have a place to meet. This way you are not only safe but also socially engaged. This is great if you work double shifts, for example. When your washing machine breaks down, you can also wash at 160 gas stations in the Netherlands. This is not only cheaper but also faster and cheaper than when you would have to do this at home.

Unmanned service stations

An unmanned petrol station nearby is especially convenient for people who work irregular hours. They can use the fuel card or debit card to fill up with fuel 24 hours a day. There is indeed no shop where you do checkout so cash is unfortunately not possible. But it provides you on time of fuels. There is always a payment terminal with clear instructions on how you can refuel. Make sure you enter the correct pump number, otherwise you can not refuel. After use you usually enter the pump number again and press ok. Then the correct amount will be charged to your account. You can also have a receipt printed for your own records.

Search for a nearby petrol station

On the internet you can find your favourite petrol station nearby. There are also sites where you can compare prices. This is often indicated with green as cheapest and red as most expensive. So you know where you can fill up in your neighborhood the cheapest. But you can also see this way which fuels are available and which not. Take for example LPG this is not present at every gas station. And yet it is better to look it up in advance instead of spending hours searching for a gas station where you can fill up with LPG. It can ever be rewarding to just drive a few extra miles so you can fill up there cheaply.

Actions and promotions

Often a nearby petrol station has local or national promotions. So you can get even more benefit from your refueling. Some suppliers also have a savings system where you can save for discounts or free items. That way they know how to bind you to their filling station. You are less likely to go to a cheaper filling station because you save up for nice free items or a discount on your filling up costs at this filling station. This ensures that in the end you are cheaper. There are also more and more local products available at the gas station. And for the last message you can always go there.


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